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Indian Myna Program

Namubcca Landcare run an Indian Myna Program in the Namubcca Valley in conjunction with the Nambucca Shire Council. Please contact the Namubcca Valley Landcare office at Bowraville  for more information on available traps to lend. Or if you would like to make your own trap please see below for Cage Plans.

Click here for Indian Myna Cage Plans

Click here for Indian Myna Handbook

Click here for Indian Myna  Trapping Tips 

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Rural Landholders Resource Kit 

Whether you are thinking of taking up rural life on the mid north coast of NSW, or have already done so, it is often hard to know where to turn for information. There is an enormous amount of material available but unfortunately it is scattered across many organisations and in many formats.

The Rural Landholders Resource Kit pulls together basic information relevant to living on the land that is normally scattered across organisations in to an easy to use guide for landholders in the Nambucca, Macleay and Hastings valleys.

The kit briefly describes the natural resources (soils, water, native vegetation, pastures) and major factors that impact on them (climate, drought, fire, weeds) specific to our area, and also provides a guide to more detailed information to help you better understand your land and your responsibilities.

Nambucca Valley Planting and Vegetation Guide

The Nambucca Valley Planting and Vegetation Guide is a free educational resource for urban, peri-urban and rural landholders for the selection and planting natives in all types of plantings areas and goals - for example riparian zones, screening and wind breaks, or native bird attraction . The guide also covers legislation, rare, threatened and protected species, weed identification and suitable native replacements. 

The guide was funded through the Australian Government. Copies are available at the Nambucca Valley Landcare office. 

Weeds of the North Coast of NSW

Weeds of the North Coast of NSW – is a new guide to identification and control of weeds in our region. The resource was developed by the Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare with funding from the AustralWeeds book cover for websiteian Government’s Caring for Our Country program. It is a comprehensive booklet with high quality photos and detailed descriptions of local weeds and the methods that can be used to control them. While not every plant that is considered a weed on the North Coast  is included, the booklet’s focus is on the most invasive species and those that are newly emerging in this region.

Follow this link for an electronic copy, or hard copies are available from the Nambucca Valley Landcare office, Far North Coast Weeds, Bellingen Council, Nambucca Council, Coffs Harbour Council or from the North Coast Local Land Services.

Nambucca River Estuary Management

If you live, work, holiday or have recently moved to the Mid North Coast this kit is an easy to use guide on how to live and work in ways that preserve our coastal environment.

The kit explains what a catchment is, its various components and what is meant by an environmental impact. It outlines various environmental parameters that can affect water quality and oyster production. The oyster can be used as an indicator of the catchment and river health. Estuarine processes that determine the viability of the oyster industry are explained.

Estuaries are highly dynamic and complex environments with phenomena like turbidity, salinity and pollutants all acting on the system at once. Practical solutions and examples of how local people are tackling various problems on their land are included.

The kit also includes a list of local contacts, such as councils, government departments, and local organisations. There is also an extensive list of resources and references for you to refer to, for example the Nambucca River Bank Restoration Guide and an accompanying video

River bank Restoration techniques 

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