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Nambucca Coastline and Estuaries Coastal Management Plan - Have your say

The Nambucca Shire coastline and estuarine waterways are a significant natural resource, ideal for undertaking various recreational activities, and providing suitable habitat for large areas of protected riparian and estuarine vegetation. The waterways are frequented by locals and visitors and provide for the livelihood of commercial fishermen, aquaculture and tourism operators. A Coastal Management Program (CMP) is currently being prepared to provide a long‐term strategy for the management of the Nambucca Shire coastline and estuaries. The study area comprises an extensive 25km of open coast from Oyster Creek to Scotts Head and the estuaries of Deep Creek, Swimming Creek, Nambucca River and Warrell Creek. The CMP is being developed by Hydrosphere Consulting on behalf of Nambucca Shire Council with assistance from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

Project Stages: Stage 1 ‐ Scoping study – involves collation of existing information, preliminary risk assessment, community engagement and scoping of technical studies to fill key information gaps. Indicative timeline: July 2018 – February 2019. The Stage 1 Scoping Study is currently underway. Stage 2 ‐ Detailed studies of vulnerabilities and opportunities – involves confirmation of key issues and concerns, field work to confirm current knowledge and completion of identified technical studies to fill key information gaps. Indicative timeline: February 2019 – May 2019. Stage 3 ‐ Response indication and evaluation – involves threat consequence and risk assessment, the evaluation and identification of management options and the development of management actions. Indicative timeline: May 2019 ‐ June 2019. Stage 4 ‐ Finalise, exhibit, certify and adopt the CMP – involves the preparation of a Draft CMP for agency review and public exhibition, the identification of funding and final mechanisms to implement the CMP, compiling and addressing submissions from agencies and the community and finalisation of the CMP document for certification. Indicative timeline: June 2019 onwards. Stage 5 ‐ Implementation, monitoring and reporting – involves the implementation of management actions from the certified CMP by NSC and involved agencies as well as the monitoring and reporting of CMP progress. Indicative timeline: Ongoing from late 2019. Community Engagement: There is a lot of public interest in these waterways and community input to this plan is critical in getting the right balance in management priorities. Community members can have their say via: Project webpage communication portal - available soon at: Community survey which will be available online and as a paper copy in November 2018. Providing written submissions in response the draft plan when it becomes available. Community drop‐in sessions will also be held during the survey period and during public display of the Draft CMP.

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