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LLS Workshop - Managing dry Times - 21/3/19 - Taylors Arm

Local Land Services: Managing dry times workshop Macksville 21 March 2019

With the unusually dry conditions and the general lack of feed and water heading into autumn, many landholders are putting together their plans for the coming months.

The information session is designed to give advice and tips on feeding livestock during dry times. North Coast Local Land Services District Veterinarian, Ian Poe, will be the keynote speaker. Ian has extensive experience working with landholders in the district and has a wealth of knowledge on animal nutrition and animal health. After the information session, speakers will be on hand to talk one-on-one with landholders.

Rural Financial Counsellor, Terry Pearce, will also be at the workshop to talk about the support services and grants for landholders. Other guest speakers will present on animal health programs and supplements and their place in a feeding program. Local rural store staff will be on hand to talk about the availability of supplements and the impact the drought has had on the supply of other products, including pasture seed.

Brendan O’Brien, Senior Land Services Officer Agricultural Advice said, “The main purpose of the information sessions is to get landholders together to talk about their experiences and share their knowledge.

“Some of the best advice and strategies can come from farmers who can draw from past experience.”

Sessions will be held on 21 March at Greg and Virginia’s Hughes Farm, 121 Taylors Arm Road.

The information session will be on farm, with a farm walk talking about what to look for when buying silage.

For further information please see flyer below and contact Brendan O’Brien and Local Land Services on 6563 6709 or email Brendan.o’

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