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Roadside Vegetation Management - comment on Council's Draft Policy

Nambucca Shire Council is looking for comments on their Draft Policy on Roadside Vegetation Management - see draft policy here

Under the Draft Policy, Council is proposing to set up a Chemical No Spray Register and if you don’t want the roadside outside your property sprayed with herbicides, you can apply to the Council to be on that register.

Council recognises that there are a number of benefits of having a Chemical No Spray Register:

  • To reduce the potential for unintended adverse impacts of pesticide use on the community

  • To reduce the volume of pesticide used in Local Government

  • To increase the wellbeing of the general public

  • To increase the quality of the environment we live in

  • To achieve an effective mechanism to reduce overall exposure to herbicides.

HOWEVER, if your application to be on the register is successful, not only will you then be responsible for making sure the vegetation on the roadside outside your property is not overgrown and that weed species are controlled, but you will also need to pay Council a base fee of $500 (for a five year approval period) plus an annual fee of $30, with these fees incorporated through your Property Rates Notice.

Comments on the Draft Policy are due by 4.00 pm on 28 March.

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