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Protecting Threatened Endangered Ecological Communities at North Nambucca

Nambucca Valley Landcare is proud to announce the completion our Protecting Endangered Ecological Communities at Northern Nambucca project. Over three years, the project team worked on four different endangered ecological communities - swamp sclerophyll, coastal salt marsh, swamp oak forest and littoral rainforest. This area is home huge array of different flora and fauna - without doubt a biodiversity hotspot. The area was infested with cassia (senna pendula var. glabrata), and other weeds were creeping in from the urban fringe, including coral berry (ardisia crenata ), exotic ginger and asparagus fern (asparagus setaceus). Bush regenerators and tireless community volunteers tackled the site for three years, mostly hand pulling each weed to protect the vulnerable native vegetation. Today, the site is leaping back, with a stunning expansion of native groundcover, shrubs, trees and palms.

You can find this amazing place by following the footbridge across from Hyland Park and tracking south towards Nambucca.

This three year project was supported by the NSW Environmental Trust and the Nambucca Valley Council.

Funding for this project received through:

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